The 6 top questions to ask before you dive into a new eCommerce site
April 1, 2018
Prep for Success: Key questions to tackle for your website kick-off meeting
Prep for Success: Key questions to tackle for your website kick-off meeting
May 3, 2018

Plan for Profit: 3 Quick Tech Tips that Pay Off

When it comes to technology, the only constant is change. Think about how often you need to update the apps on your smartphone. There’s always a feature enhancement, bug fix or new software version to upload.

The same is true for the software platforms on which your website is built. This constant evolution of functionality, security and integration with back-end systems is a great thing! Just remember this means that you must be on top of your website and all of the necessary upgrades.
Launching a new eCommerce solution is a big investment of both time and money. To ensure there’s a return on that investment, companies need to incorporate the “care and feeding” of their solution into the overall business plan to save money and boost profits in the long run.


Finding the right balance

Implementing an eCommerce site is not a set and forget project. The go-live for a site is just the beginning. That’s why we ask clients to plan for what they want to accomplish in the near term, and to prepare for where they want to be in the future.
The goal is to balance the life of the eCommerce solution—keeping it going as long as it supports the requirements of the business—with changing technology demands.

  • Maintenance – Just like you need to maintain the engine in your car to ensure peak performance, your website needs a set schedule of maintenance to fix errors, update content, check security settings, backup data and generally prevent issues.
  • Upgrades – Similar to maintenance, the software platform that supports your eCommerce solution requires upgrades as the developer rolls them out. It’s important to stay on top of planned and on-the-fly upgrades to make sure they are implemented and to assess if they have any impact on your site’s performance that requires other adjustments.
  • Site Reviews – Just like you do with employees, your website requires planned performance reviews. It’s a time to step back, analyze metrics and goals, and decide if the site is doing its job or needs to be adjusted. Don’t let a decline in sales be the cue to let you know your website is past its freshness date.

You don’t have to do it all

Planning ahead for the impact of technology changes requires a very specific skill set. The good news is you don’t need be an expert to stay ahead of ever-changing technology. The right development partner should manage this process for you so can stay focused on core business issues and maximize profitability.
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