What you Need
Without a Lot of
What you Don’t

At Aluent we build solutions that work for you. This means you aren’t paying for a lot of options and features that you don’t need or want. As your business continues to grow our products will grow with you making sure you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Aluent Group follows a four-step process for every project: Discover, Develop, Implement, Support.

  • Discover

    In the discovery phase we will work closely with you and your team to thoroughly understand your business. In-depth interviews with key staff, data analysis and a comprehensive review of your current systems are included in the discovery process. Understanding your current resources, market position and goals helps us design a custom solution that provides you with a solid return on your investment.
  • Develop

    The Aluent Group takes a team approach to the design process. Our experts in business strategy, technology and project management collaborate to create a web-based solution that is founded on solid business principles. All of the technology-based solutions are designed using a live wireframe. Once this wireframe is created it is subjected to a rigorous testing process including unit testing, walkthroughs, and peer reviews. You will be asked for feedback throughout the process. Our project management portal also allows you to ask questions and provide input from start to finish.
  • Implement

    Upon your final approval, we will create an implementation strategy. This strategy will provide clear direction for all parties involved, making the implementation process smooth and efficient. In addition, we closely monitor all technology solutions to make sure you have a worry-free implementation and a seamless transition.
  • Support

    The Aluent Group will continue to provide you with best-in-class support for years to come. Our full systems management program evolves with your needs and goals. Increased capacity, additional functionality and regular reviews of your business strategy are just some of the ways that Aluent Group keeps your business focused and prepared for growth.
  • Web Application Development

    The Aluent group provides cutting edge web application development solutions to business’ toughest problems. Our team of expert web developers are the backbone of our organization. The clean and consistent coding used by the Aluent team provides savings in maintenance, project management and efficiency - savings that we pass along to you.