Sometimes Success Means Making an Informed Decision to Not Move Forward

A Chicago-area dog walking company had a dream. They were already generating annual revenue in the mid-six figures from their service and had begun to explore setting up franchises.

As every entrepreneur knows, it’s important to complete due diligence before making your next move. So the company turned to Aluent Group for insight into what it would take to build a system to manage reservations and dog walkers on a larger scale.

The company was using an off-the-shelf solution that met most of their needs. But, the solution wasn’t stable and occasionally went down, frustrating dog owners and walkers.

What will it take?
Aluent Group worked closely with the dog-walking firm to understand their business model, growth plans and budget. This highly consultative approach is designed to uncover complexities the client may not have considered or anticipated. It’s an investment in projects that is part of Aluent Group’s holistic approach to developing solutions that meet current and future needs.

Aluent Group delivered a plan for a solution with built-in redundancy that pulled from multiple data sources to make sure their front and back-end systems stayed operational and could support rapid growth.

Changing business conditions
The dog-walking firm forecasted a downward trend in their revenue stream for the near future. Armed with Aluent Group’s plan, the dog-walking firm was able to make an informed decision about their franchising plans.

Instead of jumping in and investing their operating capital in an immediate expansion, the firm took a step back for further evaluation. When the time and funding is right, with Aluent Group’s help they’re in a great position to move forward quickly.