The Aluent Group
provides a wide range
of solutions to help
your business
reach the next level.


Powering Solutions, Driving Growth

The Aluent Group provides a wide range of solutions to help your business reach the next level. Our many years of experience allow us to pinpoint areas of growth and opportunity based on your short and long term goals. We can work with your existing systems or develop brand new systems from the ground up based on your needs. Some of our areas of specialty include:

Our Services

Evaluation and Consultation

Evaluation and Consultation

Aluent will thoroughly review the technology you have in place to determine areas of opportunity for increasing efficiency, increasing security and improving speed and functionality. Aluent will also conduct interviews with key staff and a full data analysis. Understanding your current resources, market position and goals helps us design a custom solution that provides you with a solid return on your investment.

Aluent E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Whether you are looking to create a new e-commerce site or have outgrown your current one, we can develop a custom e-commerce solution to help your business grow. From the simple to the complex, Aluent will make sure your e-commerce site is easy for your customers to use and navigate. Expertly built security and support systems will keep your site running smoothly 24/7 allowing your customers to shop at the most convenient time for them.

Aluent Custom Database Applications

Custom Database Applications

If you need it, Aluent can build it. Our team of expert programmers and designers are here to help your business grow with customized database-driven applications. Aluent will work with you to design a solution that best meets your business goals and objectives.

Production and Management Solutions

Production and Management Solutions

We combine our technology with solid business experience so you can have confidence that whatever your business need, Aluent can deliver. From production-based database solutions to customer relationship management tools to internal communications systems, Aluent has the experience and the knowledge to create the right tools for your unique situation.