Enabling a digital agency to meet its client’s requirements for a complex online membership system

If you live in the Chicago area, you know The Morton Arboretum in Lisle is a popular year-round destination for people looking to spend some time in the great outdoors without leaving the metropolitan area. Charged with the task of refreshing the organization’s website, the web design firm leading the effort knew they needed some help to meet the complex technical requirements of the online membership system. So, they turned to Aluent Group.

The Morton Arboretum welcomes more than one million visitors annually. They offer a number of membership options that enable people to support the non-profit and visit on a regular basis. The online membership system needed to accommodate the selection of multiple variables, such as package selection, number of individuals signing up, renewals and discounts, as well as interface with Arboretum’s ecommerce system to accept payment.

Boosting technical capabilities
While the web design firm stayed focused on the look and feel of the site, they were able to provide a full-service experience to the client by partnering with Aluent Group.

Together, the web design firm and Aluent Group launched the non-profit’s new membership and gifts capabilities on time and on budget.

No news is good news
The web design firm was able to easily expand its capabilities without adding resources to their team by presenting the Aluent Group as the technical division of their company.

The result was a seamless rollout of a new website that met all the requirements of the Arboretum. Since its launch, the Arboretum has reported no issues with its online membership system, which ultimately reflects well on the web design firm.