Wholesaler with Complicated Products Gets a User-Friendly eCommerce Solution

If you’re a wholesaler, you know that your online presence is the heart of your business. It’s where you find customers and take orders. Usability is key to making sure first-time visitors become long-term clients.

Aluent recently worked with a dental implant wholesaler that has a particularly complicated product set with multiple configurations and options. Each product has sub-products, which in turn have their own sub-products.

They needed an online ecommerce solution that managed the complexities of their inventory, but also makes it easy for users to configure and order the needed dental implants. The step-by-step process to order the implants had to be aligned with dental practices. The site needed to be user-friendly or they’d likely lose customers and the business would suffer financially.

Know your client
To develop a solution to meet their long-term needs, the Aluent Group essentially became an expert in dental implants. By understanding how dentists examine their patients and identify what implants are needed, Aluent Group built an intuitive interface that naturally walked customers through the ordering process.

Aluent Group also dug deep into the wholesaler’s business processes and staffing model to understand what other factors needed to be considered. They learned the dental implant business needed an easy-to-manage system that automated the order fulfillment process to minimize human error.

Experience shows
Aluent Group also tapped into their extensive experience creating ecommerce solutions. They determined a customized database was the best way to handle the complicated ordering process. At the same time, Aluent Group was able to shave time and money off the project by reconfiguring processes used by other similar clients.